Medical Billing Services - Electronic and Paper Claims Processing

 Electronic Claims Processing Service Center

Health care providers depend more and more on Independent Contractors to process their medical claims electronically. ECP - Electronic Claims Processing dramatically reduces the error rate on claims that are filed and it significantly increases the turnaround on insurance payments to medical providers. Errors cause cash flow problems for the medical provider. We will eliminate that problem for you and your practice. In addition, our service will do away with much of the paperwork generated by a doctor�s practice.
    On average, electronic claims only take ten working days to get payment to you. Manually filed claims, on the other hand, often take up to 70 days or more before payment is received. The reason is the inordinate amount of errors generated by manual processing.  

So you can see why this is such an exciting and important business!

     Electronic Claims Processing can reduces the rejection rate on claims from more than 35% to less than one percent.
    Electronic Claims Processing (ECP) reduces open accounts receivable and quickly increases the physician�s income. In 1994, a mere 5% of healthcare providers processed their claims electronically. By the end of 1996 that figure increased to twelve percent. Today less than 30% of all medical providers use full electronic billing. Claims processed in the United States escalated from just 5 billion in 1990 to more than 9 billion in 1997 and this figure has been steadily increasing.


Key Benefits of our Service:

  • LOWER BILLING COST -- Your billing