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Supplements Are Better Than Diet Pills

Anybody who is over-weight has one time or another thought of  losing weight. It could be due to peer pressure, self motivation, health reasons, to look sexy etc. These could be a lot of reasons but ultimately it boils down to our desire to improve our life and to enhance our well being. This will usually lead to the options on how to lose weight effectively and people often have questions about diet pills and supplements for weight loss including herbal supplements. In general diet pills exist in two forms i.e. over the counter pills and prescription medication. When we try to breakdown these diet pills according to the functions they serve, then there are: fat burners, fat blockers or appetite reducers and natural supplements.
There are three essential components in living a healthy life: a balanced diet, active life and a decent amount of rest each day. The diet pills attempts to deliver us healthy life by simply using them. Let us be objective and try to understand diet pills as what they are worth for.
Perhaps due to the competition in the market, it often makes a debate over which diet pill is the most effective of them all. All manufacturers swear by the effectiveness of their products and we see advertisements after advertisements daily yet we continue to be amused. However, facts don�t lie. It has been reported that prescription diet pills or supplements, can cause side effects while over the counter diet systems, continue to struggle with the credibility of their claims. Most of the systems on the market do not (or cannot) prove their claims and most of these claims are not backed by proven clinical studies.
Another concern is public misconception. Marketing by the manufacturers has been so powerful that people tend to associate natural supplements for weight loss or herbal pills with guaranteed safe products. Well this is not always true.
A famous example is Ephedra which once beat the market in the weight loss department until FDA investigated and found out that it actually pose a health risk. But several deaths have already occurred. Now let�s go over their functional capabilities. Fat burners break down the fats into fat cells which are going to be used and burned by our muscles. Appetite suppressants work on the mind and suppress our need for food. I personally find no fault with these capabilities but it scare me no end that chemicals and external agents to do the things our body are naturally doing.
As a conclusion, if you think diet pills are for you, then choose from a reputable manufacturer and choose a product that is widely popular in the market.